Manufacturer Specifications for Emergency Ballasts and Drivers

In the event of a power failure, the driver/ballast switches to the emergency mode and operates the fixture for 90 minutes.

Emergency drivers and ballasts used in ANP products use high temperature, recyclable nickel-cadmium batteries. All drivers and ballasts meet or exceed all NEC, IBC and Life Safety Code Emergency Lighting Requirements.

High Efficiency (HE) models also comply with CEC efficiency standards (CEC-400-2014-009-CMF). CEC Regulations state the following regarding standards for small battery charging systems:

Section 1605.3(W)(4)

Battery Backup and Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Battery backup and uninterruptible power supplies manufactured on or after February 1, 2013, for consumer products and January 1, 2017, for products that are not consumer products shall consume no more than 0.8+0.0021 x Eb watts in maintenance mode where Eb is the battery capacity in watt-hours.

For manufacturer’s specification sheet, see the links below.

The LED emergency driver lumen table provides estimated lumen output for each driver/LED engine combination.

6-watt LED Emergency driver

10-watt LED Emergency Driver

16-watt LED Emergency driver

20-watt LED Emergency Driver

Emergency driver installation & wiring manual

20-watt LED emergency driver high voltage/high efficiency

20-watt high voltage emergency driver installation & wiring manual

LED Emergency driver lumen table