LED Module & Driver Specs

Our Modular LED solutions by Cree® are innovative, self-contained systems that deliver flexibility and maintained performance. Lumen packages vary from 850 lumens to 4000 lumens.

Modular LED Solutions by Cree

Our modular LED solutions by Cree provide economical sources of illumination in a compact package. With a superb color rendering index of 90 plus, these modular light engines are an excellent choice for your next lighting project. Selectable narrow and wide beam options are available for order to tailor light distribution to your application and provide the proper distribution for the application.


  • Used in RLM and architectural site lighting products where lower mounting heights and/or lower wattages are required.
  • Efficacy up to 125 lumens per watt
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K
  • Narrow and wide beam distribution
  • L70 50,000 hours
  • CRI >90
  • Dimming to 1%, 0-10v, TRIAC and ELV protocols are standard.
  • CREE 2700K "sunset dimming" replicates warm incandescent dimming from 2700K to 1800K. 

Cree Module Specifications

CREE LMH2 & LMH2+ All Except 12W

Cree Module - Driver Specifications 

ERP Driver - ESS - 9W, 10W, 16W, 24W

ERP Driver - ESP - 37W

Surge Suppression